Last week’s week, the New York Times, the most recent American newspaper, has an interesting news.

Last week’s week, the New York Times, the most recent American newspaper, has an interesting news.

The headquake was ‘secret secret: Cairo’s consent with aerial attack in Egypt’s Egypt’. The journalist David D. Crikpatrick, who briefed the details of this unusual and highly secretive military relationship in this news.

He wrote: More than two years ago, Israelis drone strikes, helicopters and jet planes have carried out more than 100 air strikes inside Egypt. Many of them were done multiple times a week. The Israeli forces had received the permission of President Ecclesiast for all these acts. ‘

Even though there is still no partnership between the two countries, a number of air strikes can be done.

Several terrorist attacks accepted the responsibility of several attacks in Sina
The story of this story was that the Egyptian army was suffering from difficulty in dealing with Islamic extremism in Sinai, so he sought help from Israel. This relationship was beneficial to both countries.

He further wrote that “Intervention for Cairo was actually the aid of the Egyptian army, which it got to step down during the five-year war against the sinners in the region.”

‘These aerial attacks for Israel are similar to the strengthening of their borders and the security and stability of the neighboring country. ‘

This whole story is based on the information of Israel and Western sources. The news created anxiety in the media of Egypt and the media working under pressure from Egypt in Egypt declared it as non-professional journalism and fake news.

Recent operations were carried out against Sinai Islamia in Sina
The Egyptian military spokesman insists that the Egyptian army is a supreme opposition against extremists.

Such military cooperation if this is true … Egyptian authorities will have a very sensitive issue.

But surprisingly surprisingly about the news of aerial attacks, including both drone strikes and aircraft attacks, was that who was doing this attack.

This news was right in the context of changes in the region.

Anti-Iran alliance
Due to its growing role in Iran’s development and region, some countries felt danger, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.

The situation made some Sunni Arab states closer to Israel. They all had concerns about the role in the region and its nuclear program in the region of Iran, and the United States had an indication of more discount on the Tehran.

Diplomatic indicators are saying that perhaps some real movements have been made for this reconciliation.

Somewhere in this context lightweight and somewhat more indications.

Muhammad al-‘Asayidi condemned those who act only as being the Holocaust
Recently, Saudi Arabia-led coalition alliance, Mohammad al-Aisi, expressed sympathy with Washington’s Holocaust Museum in an open letter with the victims of the Great War II’s Holocaust and condemned those Holocaust It’s just because of being.

After decades of Holocaust’s refusal, such a statement was important from a religious leader.

Will Israel get the will of his will?
Someone in the Arab world has to offer such incidents so that they can indicate the internal changes.

However, Israel is quite clear about the matter that some people think is not wise. Not only in private briefing, but also publicly, they want to improve relations with the Sunnis states.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented something like this in a think tank in London. Regarding the changes in the region, he said, “The bad news is that traditions in the war between traditions and innovators have gone ahead, especially in Iran’s affairs.”

He further said that ‘good news is that other people are coming closer to Israel like never came.’

He added, “One thing I did not expect in my life but we are working hard on it, it is influential between Israel and Sunni states to counter Iran and to prevent it altogether.” Alliance ‘

The Israeli prime minister also tried to highlight that as if you go towards Gulf Gulf, which he calls Gulf Arab, you see the Israelites in the attitude of behavior.

“Our neighbors have still a tough stand but overall Israel has been softened,” he added.

The mention of Palestine from Netanyahu is an element that will bring this discussion to the general level.

Although the US embassy from the American embassy moved to Jerusalem no significant response was given by Arab Sunni leaders, but in the Arab society, intellectuals and people’s behavior did not appear to be soft for Israel.

Here’s the contradiction about which analysts believe, it’s a moment that Israel can use to facilitate the Palestinian peace process and to benefit from the atmosphere of cooperation between Israel and innovative Arabs. .

But some Sunni Arab states have reservations on some of the policy leaders of Nathan Yahoo and they are keenly interested in further mutual security issues.

And some of the Israelites are disappointed at the fact that it was possible but the opportunity was discarded.

Netanyahu’s government is giving indications that he will get the fruit of his will and he will improve ties with the Arab states without resolving Palestinians’ problems.

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